Professional Access and Excel Development Solutions

Microsoft Excel is a powerful analytical tool that can enhance and improve your companies ability to analyze, store and measure data. Business Technologies can develop custom solutions that help leverage these benefits and maximize the value of your software investment.

Excel Development Solutions
  • Reporting: Design, develop and create standardized custom reports
  • Macros: Create functions that automate repetitive processes
  • Formula and Function Creation: Use formulas to parse data and handle complex functions
  • Large Data File Manipulation: Easily format large data files, compile and create custom reports

Microsoft Access is powerful database tool that stores large quantities of information that can be easily retrieved and formatted with the click of a button. Access' reporting functions make coordinating and organizing data simple and easy. Business Technologies develops custom Access database solutions that help leverage all these benefits.

Access Development solutions
  • Query Creation
  • Report Creation: Create custom reports
  • Forms Building
  • Data Map Creation: Organizational view of your data that shows how it inter-relates. Very useful for constructing reports and creating input and retrieval processes for stored data
  • Designing and Installing Security Functions: Password protection, set up user groups, data safeguarding
  • And more. . . .

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